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Both the Personal Evaluation and the IOWA Group Standardized Testing meet the Annual Home Education Law Requirements.

1.  Individual or Personal Evaluation is recommended for circumstances where standardized group testing would be too stressful and the child would benefit from the one-on-one interaction.  A portfolio evaluation, MBA, (Mini Battery of Achievement-see below), or a combination of the two may be administered, based on each child's individual needs. 

The MBA is a brief, wide-range test of basic skills and knowledge.  It assesses four broad achievement areas: Reading (identification, vocabulary, and comprehension), Writing (dictation and proofreading), Mathematics (calculation, reasoning and concepts), and Factual Knowledge (social studies, science, art, music, and literature).  The test format consists of pointing out responses, oral responses, and some written responses.  This test is preferred because it provides an accurate snapshot of the child's academic achievement in a brief, approximate 45 minute, session.  Results are computerized. 

2. Nationally Normed Student Achievement Tests are group administered.  

  • Iowa Test of Basic Skills, (ITBS) - Grades 3-8
  • Iowa Test of Educational Development, (ITED) - Grades 9-12

Both the ITBS & ITED are available in complete battery or core.
The ITBS: grades 3rd-8th, measures Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Language (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, usage and expression), and Mathematics (concepts and estimation, problem solving and data interpretation and computation), this is the CORE part of the test. Optional tests include: Social Studies, Science and Sources of Information (maps and diagrams and reference materials).  Optional tests, plus the core makes up the Complete battery.  Third grade also offers an optional word analysis and listening test.  This is given verbally by the teacher, while the student records their responses. 

The ITED: High School, measures Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Language: revising written material, Spelling and Mathematics: concepts and problem solving, and computation. Optional tests include: Analysis of Social Studies materials, Analysis of Science materials and Sources of Information.

The Iowa provides and in-depth assessment of students' achievement of important educational objectives.  Developed at The University of Iowa and backed by a tradition of more than seventy years of educational research and test development experience. 

3. Interest Explorer is used in conjunction to the Iowa Test of Educational Development, (ITED) for grades 8-12.  The Interest Explorer is a career guidance and counseling instrument designed to help students make wise educational and career planning decisions.  Providing information about students’ interests in 14 career areas that are directly linked to the most recent publications of the Department of Labor, including the Guide for Occupational Exploration.  The Explorer surveys students’ preferences in careers, school subject areas, and general opportunities, (such as working with others).  It is designed to assist all students in developing more awareness about how their interests relate to future education and to possible careers.  This test is given in addition to the ITED.


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