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WellAdjustedChild.jpg - The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling by Rachel Gathercole  "Rachel Gathercole has provided the most complete answer to the socialization question that I have ever seen. Homeschoolers, you need this book!" —Mike Smith, President, Home School Legal Defense Association.

"Gathercole persuasively argues that homeschooling is not isolating but can be a sophisticated approach to socializing and educating children." --Library Journal -  Books you can trust to teach your children great character and values.  The following link is a free download for an advent devotional.  This is a great resource to teach your entire family about the true meaning of Christmas and the coming of Christ.  If you can’t click directly, cut and paste the following address. Great website for all types of forms, calendars, lesson plans, planners, journals and lots more.  It is definitely worth the trip.
 - The Institute for Excellence in Writing, directed by Andrew Pudewa, has an amazing collection of products to teach you and your children.  Excellence In Spelling- The Phonetic Zoo, Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, The Student Writing Intensive, the Advanced Communication Series, A Thomas Jefferson Education, and The Seven Keys of Great Teaching are only a few of the titles offered.  Some of the programs come on DVD and offer instruction by Mr. Pudewa himself.  What I have used so far, I have found to be extremely quality curriculum.
- A great foundational math curriculum, accompanied with an instructional DVD, great manipulative and online math drills.  The drills are an effective way to help enrich and/or remediate basic math facts.
- Their catalogue is a lesson in itself.  They have a great program with lots of reading.  The graded readers in the Language Arts Program are carefully selected and correlate to the History starting in 3rd grade.  All the planning is completed for you.  All you do is teach.  You can order the entire program or select only certain subjects.  Order a free catalogue online it’s worth it.
The Story of the World, by Susan Wise Bauer, is an awesome history program.  Told in a straight-forward, engaging style that has become Susan Wise Bauer’s trademark.  It covers the sweep of human history from ancient times until present.  This read-aloud series is designed for parents to share with elementary-school children, or for older readers to enjoy alone.  Each of the four volumes is also available CD for your children to listen to independently while coloring the activity sheet or following along in the book.  Each lesson also includes geography/map work pertaining to the history being studied.   My kids love it and can’t wait to “do history” every day.  It also helps their history challenged mom to learn right along with them. - Homeschooling from the Heart. "Using the Internet to Homeschool"  by Cindy Prechtel is a well organized collection of web-sites that cover all of the main disciplines in education, as well as many others.  I have used mine often, as it has many sites that my search engine just doesn't find. will help you find  Home School Support Groups and Homeschool Evaluators and Homeschool Testing in Broward County.  "...and you shall teach them diligently...when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up." Deuteronomy 6:7

The internet is a great way to research, drill math facts, research history, science and anything else you can come up with.  If you are intimidated, fear not, Cindy Prechtel has done a wonderfully, effective job of putting together "Using the Internet in Your Homeschool".  This is a well-organized, well-researched time efficient tool for navigating your way through the world wide web.  Cindy also, very graciously, offers updates.

...the light...

As wonderful as the web is, we need to be realistic and pre-cautious.  Educate your children on the pros and the unfortunate cons.  Wisdom is going to be their best defense.


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