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Yearly Homeschool Requirements

Remember to mail all correspondence certified mail, return receipt.  
Be conscientious of your dates, be responsible and timely.

Mail to your County School Board Location
Only send one time, within 30 days of beginning your home-education program or the beginning of the school year your child will turn 6 years of age, on or before February 1st. 
Example: If it is August 2008 and your child will turn 6 years of age on or before February 1, 2009, send it in.
~June - August
or on your Anniversary Date
Mail Annual Evaluation Letter 
Send annually or each year by the date you sent your Letter of Intent, aka: Anniversary Date.  Can be obtained from a certified teacher.  It is not necessary or recommended that you send test scores.
Upon termination of your home-education program.
Letter of Termination of Home-Education Program
Only send upon termination of your home-education program.  Example: Graduation, return to institutionalized schooling, out of county move.

On - Going throughout home-education program.

Maintain a Portfolio

Preserve for two years and must be made available for inspection by the superintendent upon 15 days' written notice.

Only necessary if a written request has been made by the school system.

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