Educational Resource Center of Broward

Webinars/Distant Learning


Our @home e-vents combine
 the latest technology with top Speakers
 to allow you to attend real-time,
web-based seminars on topics
pertinent to your homeschool.


Online Advanced Placement Courses
with a Christian Worldview.


The Mission of Patrick Henry College
 is to prepare Christian
men and women
who will lead our nation
 and shape our culture
with timeless biblical
values and fidelity
 to the spirit of the
 American founding


 Dianne Craft offers
4 Independent Study Courses
you can take at home for
teachers, social workers, nurses,
or occupational therapists seeking
re-certification. Dianne serves
educations across the nation...


Equipping home-educators to run the race.

Thank you for allowing us to serve your family!

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